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  • Калі Вы стварылі артыкул з памылковай назвай, то яго трэба выдаліць.

EugeneZelenko 14:00, 18 жніўня 2008 (UTC)


Excuse me! this revert made by you must be at least explained. From 1968 to 1975 Vincent Damon Furnier (who later took stage name Alice Cooper) was a part of the band Alice Cooper. The album «Love It to Death» was released by the band and not by the solo artist. In Belarusian language proper names of people are translated. However band names are not translated (with the exception of non-latin names which is not the case). That’s why the wikify that you reverted is not correct and should link to Alice Copper not to Эліс Купэр. --Cheers, 18:24, 30 красавіка 2015 (MSK)