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Sorry, I'll delete these templates/categories. en-0 have sense in English Wikipedia or Commons, but not in Belarusian. We decided to stop on 3 levels scheme for now, so en-4 and en-5 is a little bit excessive :-)

Please also do not remove includeonly around categories.

EugeneZelenko 14:37, 25.03.2006 (UTC)

OK, Ill try go by your way.--Juan 14:40, 25.03.2006 (UTC)

So you mean the same for other categories of level-4,5 not to established them?--Juan 14:43, 25.03.2006 (UTC)
Yes. --EugeneZelenko 14:48, 25.03.2006 (UTC)

Шаблён:Ведаюць мовуРэдагаваць

I translated UsersSpeaks (more precisely en:Template:User lang subcat). Things are little bit complictaed in Belarusian language from grammar point of view: 2 form of language name usually needed (for example чэская and чэскую), some exeptions could be too (чэская мова but мова Эспэранта).

I made only level 3.

See Катэгорыя:User cs-3 for example.

EugeneZelenko 15:41, 25.03.2006 (UTC)

Ваш рахунак будзе перайменаваныРэдагаваць

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